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Marketing Ideas For Authors

Book Marketing For AuthorsAfter writing a book and publishing it, the author and his or her publisher now hope that people will buy it. If you want to maximize one’s chances of success, here are some tips to follow. Those tips include getting book reviews, use the internet to spread the word, and work one-on-one with prospective readers.

People trust book reviews because they come with more credibility than advertisement and promotion, authors should try to get people to review their book. Readers obviously know that authors design advertisements to sell books, so these advertisements do not necessarily convince readers that the book will be worth their time. In a book review, however, a critic will have the opportunity to destroy a bad book and send it to an eternity sitting in the author’s garage. Due to the honesty of book reviews, a book review can have a drastic impact on its sales and readership. After reading a book review, a reader will have a clear sense of a book’s value based on the opinions of a credible source. There are many ways for an author to get his or her book reviewed by a reputable journal, newspaper, or magazine. First, they can pay someone to review it, but this method seems dishonest and costs money. Instead, authors should start thinking early. They should contact book review journals and magazines and offer their serves to review other books. Editors always need people to do this dirty work. They always have more books they want to review than reviewers willing to do it. For the most part, these reviewers do this service for free. So, authors should contact magazines and offer to review books because this will create contacts, which will come in handy when they publish their own books. After helping out the editors, the author can safely and legitimately ask them to consider his or her own book for review. In addition to this method, authors should sell their books on Amazon. On Amazon, people have the chance to review the book. To get started, an author might consider giving away a fewbooks to their fellow authors and contacts in the book industry on condition that they review it for Amazon or a similar site. Another method that can be overlooked is to simply reach out to the author’s internal network of contacts for book reviews too. Remember to ask for honest reviews!

Although advertisements have obvious bias, they still serve a role because authors must get their book noticed by the public. Each year, authors produce millions of books and Amazon lists millions of books for sale. Basically, it’s easy to get lost. People may never even look up the book on Amazon or seek out a review if they never know the book exists. To get noticed, consider book trailers, Facebook, Twitter, and a personal webpage to generate buzz. Ideally, the author will start the buzz before the book even comes out. Then, they can hit the ground running after the book is ready to be published.

Finally, indie authors should work with prospective readers on an individual basis. They should attend conferences and shows. Before attending, they should develop an “elevator pitch.” Basically, the author should assume that everyone they meet will want to hear about his or her book, but they will only have about two minutes to grab someone’s attention and make a sale. With a practiced and polished elevator pitch, indie authors can add up sales in groups of authors and publishers.

Regardless of the methods, indie authors must start thinking about marketing before they finish the book. They should consider target audience and work to create a book that will appeal to these readers. Then, they can commence an aggressive marketing campaign after completing it by getting it reviewed, noticed online, and purchased by readers.

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