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The Root of the Matter

The Root of the Matter is a self-help guide for your natural hair needs. The book begins by explaining the hair cycle and how the hair grows. There are two versions of hair typing with illustrations. The Root of the Matter also contains instructions on how to transition without misery, what to expect during that first year. styles tutorials: Seven styles, with step by step instructions how to create twist, flat twist, coils, bantu knots and many more styles. It contains a hair gallery with adult and children styles. We list the top natural hair products and where to purchase the products. We offer assistance on how to build your own personal hair kit, Recipes to make your own products and over 50 healthy hair tips. There are also special tidbits for mom’s to aid in managing thick and coarse hair of our young naturals, including the correct hair tools and process. This book is a one stop shop for natural hair.

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