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Preaching from the Grave

Resting in a tomb were the bones of a man. A couple of guys were passing by the tomb carrying their deceased friend to his grave. Frightened by the site of bandits, they quickly tossed the lifeless body of their friend aside; who just so happened to land in the tomb with the bones. Upon touching the bones, life leaps back into the man as he suddenly jumps up out of the tomb. Let’s just hope he didn’t get re-killed by the bandits. Sounds like a great movie, right! Not even Hollywood can make this stuff up. This is actually a Biblical account of what happened when a dead man touched the bones of Elisha in his tomb. Don’t believe me, read it for yourself, 2 Kings 13:21.

Giving that there was no one to pray, lay hands, or even believe, how do we explain the man’s revival after simply touching the bones of Elisha. There can only be one explanation for this miracle. God’s anointing has no expiration date. It is a fragrance that lingers, even beyond the grave. This is what this ebook, PREACHING FROM THE GRAVE, is all about, leaving a trail of God’s anointing behind until it lingers long after we have crossed over. Don’t worry, no one is expecting our bones to “raise the dead”. But, how about living a life for Christ that transforms the lives of everyone we come in contact with. If Elisha had enough anointing to change lives after his passing, how much more do we with the New Covenant through the Blood of Christ. To find out God’s will for us in this life and the one we leave behind, READ THE AWESOME REVELATION REVEALED IN THIS BOOK. You won’t be the same.

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