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My Hero,My Dad, The Nurse

My Hero, My Dad, The Nurse is a colorful children’s book about a little boy who ponders different career choices, but decides that he wants to follow his dad’s example, and become a nurse. In this book, adults as well as children are introduced to the idea that nursing is a rewarding career that is not gender specific. Nursing is a career choice full of opportunities for men and women. My Hero, My Dad The Nurse is based on the expertise and research of its author, Dr. Maggie Thurmond Dorsey, RN. The story journeys into the imagination of an African American little boy as he decides on a career day presentation for his class. The vivid illustrations in this book are provided by Mr. Lorenzo Williams, an accomplished artist and art teacher. The illustrations capture the range of the little boy’s animations from his sadness as he deals with his classmates’ jeering: “You can’t be a nurse, you’re a boy” to his enthusiasm and pride when he presents to his class, “My Hero, My Dad The Nurse.”

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