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A good book marketing plan and promotion  can never start early enough!  As a matter of fact, the philosophy at eBook Solutions is that your book marketing plan should begin before you write the first page of your book.   Our company defines a book marketing plan as an outline that will help you determine where and how you will promote your book. A book marketing plan can also be as an indicator of how well your book may do in the market, once you publish it.

Why is a book marketing plan and promotion strategy important?

Why is book marketing and promotions essential for you as an author?  It is important because no matter how great a writer one is, that is not enough to sell your book. As a matter of fact, many of you can can probably agree that many well written books are being out sold by books that are not nearly as good, however those books have implemented successful book marketing plans.  is not guaranteed for the best writers. Having the best book marketing services working for YOU is how to give your book the best shot possible.

eBook Solutions will be happy to help you not only develop a book marketing plan.  We will also be there to implement the plan for you.  We provide many different strategies to help your book become successful.  We offer many book marketing services that can become a part of your book marketing plan.  These services include social media marketing, press release marketing, mobile phone and fb apps, video marketing and more!  Allow ebook Solutions to handle your book marketing plan and promotion efforts today!


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